We need to adapt our message, visuals, pricing, and e-commerce flows in real-time as we go to market so that we can align our site and flows with feedback from marketing.

My Role

Role: Principal Designer
Role: Design Team Lead
Reported to: CMO, CEO


Mixpanel and Google Analytics
Unbounce and Optimizely
Adobe Creative Suite


Iterative design keeping pace with iterative marketing.

When YouScience launched in 2012 with a word-of-mouth campaign, those words fell on deaf ears of the wrong demographic. Realizing this, we had to quickly regroup and redesign both our strategy and sites themselves. Shown below are examples of my efforts, including:

  • Research and the development of new positioning, messaging, and revised branding
  • Multiple website and commerce flows in response to explorations in pricing elasticity
  • An SEM and landing page campaign seeking confirmation of messaging

The results were impressive. Our “Save a year in College” campaign achieved peak click-thru rate on banner campaigns of 7.9-12.5%, an increase of 800% above industry standard and double digit increases on user acceptance and comprehension of the service.

Landing page campaign results



_retention_week_2014-05-26_to_2014-08-19 (2).png

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