We need the first version of a comprehensive mobile experience and we have no budget for research.

My Role

Role: Product Strategist
Role: Principal Designer
Role: Design Team Lead
Reported to: VP of UX

Mobile Product Strategy and UX

Research, verify, and design a solution for a mobile experience that onboards users quickly using SMS and orients them towards the unique value of the See.it platform.


Competitive Analysis (and some guerrilla research)

After many interviews with the management and development teams, I asked for budget for research and was told there was none. In response, I gathered what information I could and began a sprint of secondary research utilizing: 

  • Competitive analysis

  • Sentiment analysis and feature requests from iTunes Store reviews

  • Ad hoc user interviews

After 3 weeks of research I presented my recommendations to the management team. See a sample of the presentation here


Solution Exploration

With confirmation of the secondary research and feedback from leadership, we began exploring possible solutions to our biggest problems including:

  • Onboarding users utilizing SMS and HTML5 services

  • Unifying OTT, streaming, On Demand, and live programing into one watchlist

  • Achieving first user goal, "adding 3 or more shows to their list"

I worked with the development team leads as well as my design team and stakeholders to deliver whiteboard workshops, wireframes, and prototypes for review.


Solution Validation

After working through multiple iterations of possible solutions based on the goals enumerated from the research, my team delivered the follwoing for testing and validation: 

  • Desktop, mobile and responsive web specs

  • Hi-fidelity prototypes in InVision for testing

  • Recommendations for strategic integration into the X1 Platform

Update: Following these deliverables Comcast chose to take my strategic recommendation to integrate the see.it application offering into the X1 Platform starting November 2016. 


Process Examples



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