Mixpanel Human-Centered, Outcomes-Driven Process

I implemented Mixpanel's first human-centered design process that was genuinely outcomes-driven leveraging deep customer involvement, HEART Metrics, usability testing, velocity management, and other methodologies to deliver our fastest speed-to-value to date.


Comcast Mobile Product Strategy

Holistically re-designed the See.it desktop and mobile apps to deliver improved user acquisition metrics. Executed market and user research to recommend product integration strategy to stakeholders.


YouScience Product UX

In response to poor retention and consumption data, my team leveraged information design, data visualization, and an upgraded information architecture to clarify the product value to users.


AOL Product UX

As part of a holistic go-to-market strategy for the AOL media team, my team researched, designed, and prototyped the enterprise solution that sourced the web for search trends in real-time to provide editorial content ideas to producers.


YouScience Marketing UX

Reacting quickly to marketing feedback and conversion metrics, I led the team that iterated at blazingly fast turnaround speed to deliver timely marketing messages for this newly launched product that measured students aptitudes and mapped them to careers.


Overdog Android Mobile UX

A holistic refactoring of user flows and visual design leveraging Android design patterns helped Overdog connect pro athletes to gamers and extend their market into the Google store.


Expo Tablet Prototype UX

Concept to prototype in 1 week: I worked with the founders of Expo to distill business goals into a product roadmap and fully functional prototype using a series problem/solution exercises and a hands-on team to deliver.


StudioNow Product Strategy & Design

Complete redesign of the SaaS product experience dedicated to helping Fortune 500 companies source talent, manage projects, and produce video at scale. Efforts include primary research, product strategy, pattern-driven component development, and comprehensive UX design. (Note: This case study is private)